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About Us
Law Offices of Pouyan, Aghababian & Co. was established in 1919 by Raphael Aghababian who was one of the prominent jurists of Iran and since then, eminent jurists have always cooperated in this office.

The Law Offices of Pouyan, Aghababian & Co., laid, so to speak, the foundations of the Industrial Property Law in Iran and also prepared the draft of the Trademark and Patent Act.

Upon foundation of the Law Firm, its activities soon extended over the territory of Iran to all the neighboring countries, and later on, included the whole Middle East and now go as far as to cover all the former Soviet Republics.

The principal field of the Law Offices of Pouyan, Aghababian & Co., is the Industrial Property  and all the matters related thereto, Infringement and unfair Competition. Many other legal matters are dealt with, in our Office, thanks to a highly specialized personnel. We cover Commercial Laws. Formation and Registration of Companies, Investment, Joint Venture, Judicial, tax and Financial Consulting.

The Law Offices of Pouyan, Aghababian & Co. has pioneered new ideas in the juridical field and is the first and only office in Iran which has gathered all the transactions of the Industrial Property Laws and Regulations since seventy years. Our records are really very reliable and comprehensive. It is the only office, which, thanks to the most modern and efficient computer system and network, has succeeded in building up a vast databank and in offering the first rank services in the country. Thus, we are capable of providing you with all the relevant documentation in both languages i.e. Farsi and English, and as quickly as possible.

Even though the Iranian Trademark and Patent Registration Office became computerized three years after the computerization of our Office, our office is the only place that can make searches on trademarks, on their basis, registration numbers, application numbers , the name of the applicant, devices or any other field.

All the editors who work in the field of Industrial Property all over the world, obtain their information concerning the applicable legislation from our office in Iran.

Our efforts to protect the rights of our clients has always been our first priority and the most compelling proof is that, most of the litigation, civil or penal with respect to Industrial Property matters, are dealt with within our office

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