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If you are not using the trademark yourselves, then the recordal of license agreement is highly recommended. If a license agreement is not recorded in Iran, it would not be recognized as valid. In case of litigation, non-recordal of license deed may be an obstacle for claiming damages on behalf of both the licensor and the licensee.

For recordal of license we need:

  • A license agreement signed by the licensor and the licensee, duly legalized up to the Iranian Consulate.
  • Power of Attorney in the name of the licensor duly legalized as above.

 For you information, as per Article 44 of the IP Law “Any License Contract concerning the use of registration of a Mark, or an application thereof, must provide for effective control by the licensor of the quality of goods or services of the licensee. Otherwise, or if such control is not effectively carried out, the License Contract shall not be valid.”

We further inform you that the license agreement should explicitly mention that the license is exclusive or non-exclusive. If there is no such mention, then the license will be considered as non-exclusive.

NOTE: Please note that US applicants should refer to the Iranian Interests Section, Pakistan Embassy, in Washington D.C., for the legalization of all the necessary documents.

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