Cyrus Pouyan
Tehran Local Time

Convention Patents: Documents Required

As per the Iranian registry new regulations, all required documents must be filed together with the application. Furthermore, recently the Registration Office uses an on-line system for the patent applications. However, as this practice is new, often the computerized filing system of the Registration Office does not work properly. Therefore we kindly request you to send the patent filing documents at least 7 days before the due date.  For filing a patent application the following documents/information are needed:

  • Specifications, claims and abstract in English and drawings, if any;
  • A Power of Attorney in the name of the Applicant legalized up to the Iranian Consulate;
  • Certified copy of the priority document;
  • Priority assignment from inventors, or copy of assignment as filed abroad.
  • (if mentioned in the priority certificate or when filing occurs¬† in another name),duly legalized as above. We enclose our short form for your use.
  • Extract/attestation containing information about Applicant Company (Reg. No. business activity, etc.) as above.
  • At the time of the filing if original documents are not in hand, we must have a copy to enable us to file. Original must be in hand with 60 days from filing date.

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